Boy Scout Roundtable Roundup

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2014 Roundtable Master Schedule

Roundtable Master 2014

Possible Boy Scout Roundtable Featured Discussion

  • Journey to Excellence
  • Life to Eagle
  • Troop high adventure program
  • Philmont High Adventure 
  • Northern Tier High Adventure
  • Seabase
  • The Sumit
  • Bullying--what to do?
  • Servant Leadership
  • Scoutmaster's role in PLC meetings
  • Avoiding Scoutmaster burnout
  • Scouting Heritage
  • Teaching EDGE
  • Leading EDGE
  • Winter camping
  • Troop Leadership Training
  • Encouraging advancement
  • Leave no Trace 
  • Scout Religious Awards
  • What to look for in buying a:
    • tent
    • sleeping bag and pads
    • boots and foul weather gear
    • pack
    • camp stove and lantern
    • pocket knife
    • Other toys like multi-tools, flashlights, compasses, etc.
  • Keepin’s Easier than Marketing
  • First Time Camping, A Discussion
  • Annual Troop Planning Meeting
  • Developing a Personal Learning Plan for Scouting 
  • Developing a Troop Web Site
  • Managing risk
  • Youth led program/Patrol method
  • Backpacking
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Caving
  • Climbing
  • Ceremonies
  • Scout's own
Possible Boy Scout Roundtable Featured Skills
  • Alpine butterfly--what, why, how
  • One handed bolin
  • Bolin in a bight
  • First aid kits - what should and should not be in one
  • Thief's knot vs square knot
  • How to whip the end of a rope
  • Knife sharpening, maintenance, and safety
  • Stove and lantern lighting and safety
  • Stove and lantern maintenance and repair
  • How to rig tarps
  • Proper dishwashing techniques 3 vs 2 pot method
  • How to treat a:
    • blister
    • simple cut
    • snakebite
    • sprained ankle/broken ankle
    • scald from cooking
    • burn from stove/lantern/fire
  • How to cut with a bowsaw
  • How to split with a hand ax
  • Firelays, when to and not to use fire
  • Proper building, lighting, and feeding (care) of a fire
  • Proper way to douse a fire
  • Proper way to dispose of garbage
  • Types of packs, fanny, day, overnight, long term, internal frame
  • Packing a backpack
    • ziplock bags - do you pack by day, or by clothes type
    • Internal frame packing vs external frame packing
  • How to fit a backpack
  • There are many things that can be covered from the Leave no Trace ethic. 

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