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AAC Food Drive from Sherry Thomas, Food Drive Chair

posted Jan 6, 2013, 9:03 AM by Samuel Harley

To All Pickett’s Mill Units:


I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed holiday with his/her family.


As you may know, I am chairing the AAC Food Drive for the Pickett’s Mill District. I encourage all units to participate in this food drive, because it is a worthy cause. We have a desperate need for food in Paulding’s pantries. Did you know that one out of five people in your area get some type of food assistance?  Please help by giving me your unit’s commitment of participation with this year AAC Food Drive.


I need units to forward to me information this month (January) about their unit’s participation in the AAC Food Drive. I need to know the following:

·      which units will help

·      the territory you will be targeting

·      the name of the unit coordinator

·      contact information for the unit coordinator

·      the number of scouts participating in your unit

·      the number of bags your unit will need

·      the dates your unit will be holding the food drive

·      the name of the food pantry receiving your donation


I will be at the January 10 Roundtable meeting collecting this information. If your unit can’t make the meeting please email me with your needed information.


Your unit may distribute bags and collect bags any day you want in 2013. However, AAC is providing advertising support during the month of March through 11 Alive News.  Having your unit participate during the month of March will make it easier for your community target area to remember to donate, as they will be hearing about the collection drive in the media.


By scouts collecting food for people in need they are fulfilling  “doing a good turn daily” and “helping other people.”  It would be great if all units in PM participate and if 90 percent of all PM scouts help. My challenge to scouts is to collect 15 bags of food each. So a good idea would be for each scout to put out 30 bags/fliers.


Did you know that in 2012 Pickett’s Mill District only had 4 registered participating units in the AAC Food Drive?  Out of the 33 units we had at the time that is a sad 12%.


After the event don’t forget to record your service hours in Journey to Excellence Service Hours website so your unit gets the JTE credit.

Also, after the event give me a total of items your unit collected, a really good estimation will work.


Have scouts wear their Class A during the event.  Guide to Safe Scouting rules apply for this event. Fliers/bags go on the front door, not the mailbox. Putting fliers/bags on mailboxes can result in fines for AAC.  All scouts who help with the event will get a patch, furthermore all scouts who collect 100 items or more will get an additional “overachiever” patch.


PM will have two-collection site drop off locations on March 16 to make it easier for units to deliver the food. The two locations will be confirmed soon and will be at opposite ends of the county. The drop off site hours will be from 10am to noon.  Patches will be available at both drop off sites. Food collected at these two sites will go to Paulding Helping Hands. Units can donate collected food to any food bank or food pantry they like to help support.


Local Food Pantry List


1.    Lighthouse Food Pantry 3264 Villa Rica Hwy Dallas 770-445-3181

2.    Helping Hands of Paulding 240 Professional Ct Dallas 770-443-1230

3.    St. Stephen Orthodox Church 130 Holy Cross Path Hiram 770-489-0010

4.    MANNA Food Ministry 460 South Johnston St. Dallas 770-443-7300


Just to name a few local pantries if your unit needed help finding a pantry.


Bags will be proved by Publix again this year for the food drive and will be distributed at the February Roundtable meeting.


I sincerely hope most units will participate in the AAC Food Drive to help feed Paulding’s hungry; after all it could be your son’s classmate we are helping to feed.  If you need to forward information to me or have any questions I can be reached at cell 678-480-0708 or by email


Thank you in advance for your participation. Happy Food Collections!

Sherry Thomas

Food Drive Chair

Pickett’s Mill District